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Veteran Comp is a medical transcription service that bridges the gap between licensed Private Medical Providers (“PMP”) and Veterans seeking VA Disability Benefit evaluations.

We work with Medical Providers to ensure the severity of a Veteran’s symptoms are correctly transcribed on Personal Disability Benefits Questionnaires (“PDBQs”).

If you are frustrated with your current disability rating and do not feel that you received a proper evaluation, you might benefit from our medical transcription service.

“I would rate Veteran Compensation Services with a 10 out of 10. They were professional and efficient in raising my disability level to the highest extent.”

Kenneth K.


“Jesse and his staff were fantastic to work with. He did everything he said he would do for me. Actually, he got a much stronger increase than anticipated. Thank you, Jesse and staff! I am impressed!”

Michael R.


“Amazing. They helped my Father increase his rating from 20% to 80%. He had the same rating for over 20 years. After speaking with Jennifer and Jesse, he not only got a significant pay increase but also qualified for additional health care and medical benefits! You guys rock!!! Thank you!”

Linda S.


When attempting to increase your disability, you put the fate of your evaluation in the hands of contracted VA Doctors. As you may have experienced with past examinations, many C&P Examiners lack compassion and/or are unwilling to take YOUR WORD as medical evidence, which generally produces an inconsistency between how you reported your symptoms and the rating you received. Using private medical providers who understand the VA claims process and ensuring your symptoms are correctly documented, could result in the proper rating that you deserve.

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